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Bucket List Dreams- White Sands, NM

Gypsum Sand Dunes, White Sands, NM

The gorgeous gypsum sand dunes of White Sands, NM.

After all of these years finally stepping unto the sugar white sands is the very essence of what my bucket list dreams are made of. The gypsum sand dunes are broken up into different parts you may explore. White Sands is sprawled across The Chihuahuan Desert that borders Mexico and New Mexico. They have different routes and vantage points where you can spend time in both The Chihuahuan Desert and White Sands. The gorgeous, pristine white sands are otherwordly.



The pure white wave-like gypsum dunes are so dreamy and magical. As far as the eye can see is desert and white sands. White Sands is the most massive gypsum dune in the world measuring at an astounding 275 miles long. Here you can climb or sled down the dunes whatever is your heart’s content. Fun fact: the sand is cold! I was barefoot spinning in circles across the cold sand, and within minutes I couldn’t feel my toes anymore. I learned that the sand here is very rare, and the earth is icy. Exploring the wave-like dunes is not only surreal but breath-taking.


White Sands National Monument has been in my heart and on my mind for the past seven years. You’d have to know the back-story to understand why I hold White Sands near and dear to my heart. I was hanging out on the verandah at The Oasis in Austin and life seemed sweet and beautiful in those moments. A little while later I was circling the staircase and was met with an intense conversation. I felt I was at an impasse in my heart.

In that very moment, I was standing at a crossroads trying to choose between leaving for White Sands or home. Home won. I abandoned all to return home to my heart’s desire- without realizing what I had set in motion. This decision changed the trajectory of my life forevermore.


Seven years later, I did eventually find my way to White Sands. And I finally got my chance to witness the gorgeous sky unfold while the sunset covered White Sands with so much color and beauty. The heavens were splashed with shades of pink, orange and blue hues. I didn’t have my custom made Lulu dress to spin around The Heart of the Dunes as I did seven years ago in my dreams, and yet it was just as magical.


White Sands is perfectly at home in the heart of The Land of Enchantment. I’ll never forget my time here. And my bucket list dreams just keep coming true.


With All My Love,

~The Vintage Gypsy

“The way forward is the way back.” – T.S. Eliot