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Bucket List Dreams- Wynwood Walls

Miami's Infectious Art Scene-

Wynwood Walls


Miami’s art scene, Wynwood Walls, is completely arresting. It proves to be difficult for one to fathom just how massive the Wynwood Walls are. Wynwood Walls is an entire art district encompassing the whole neighborhood! Wynwood Walls, located in the old industrial warehouse district, is an open-air urban concrete jungle, or graffiti park, with colorful, diverse walls which showcase tremendous displays of labor and love from some of the most talented artists far and wide.


Outdoor Museum

The art on the warehouse buildings in Wynwood Walls is splattered on just about every inch of the district. The artsy displays are vibrant and electrifying. You will soon discover that there are more and more art pieces as you explore deeper. This art district has to be one of the coolest spots in Miami! My time was splintered between the massive outdoor graffiti park and the eclectic indoor art museum featuring paintings and other art mediums.





Indoor museum

I was here for the Fearless exhibit which featured new work from over ten artists. I fell in love with the Arabian art. My favorite pieces were the Arabian Nights and Japanese Geishas. The art pieces evoke emotion and are mesmerizing. There is a lot of canvas prints for purchase inside the art rooms.






Street Art

It’s easy to spend the entire day at the walls, and I could have easily spent additional time exploring more of the incredible artistic creations. You can get some fascinating images here, and there are plenty of opportunities for photo-ops. There are also various art galleries, barrooms, and boutiques in the area. They have several spots to get a bite to eat, plus ice cream trucks and fruit stands. You should grab yourself a fresh cut pineapple or coconut and with a fancy umbrella straw in it and get to exploring.





This place is definitely a sensory overload but in a good way. One of my favorite outdoor murals is the Asian wall art depicting the 10,000 Buddha’s. I love the art scene at Wynwood Walls, and in actuality, I  love all graffiti parks- check out my previous post on Hope Graffiti Park. 


Almost every inch of the Wynwood area is covered in graffiti, wall murals, and street art. I saw the most fascinating pieces of art that genuinely evoked emotions-laughter, awe, joy, contemplation, compassion, sorrow, and understanding. This place makes you feel something! The walls completely surpassed my expectations. If you don’t visit the walls, you will do yourself a great disservice, because this place begs to be explored and enjoyed.


And my bucket list dreams just keep coming true!

With All My Love,
The Vintage Gypsy

She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.”

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Bucket List Adventures- Panama City Beach

Explore and Discover: Panama City, Florida

Good morning, from The Sunshine State! I’ve been exploring all of the amazing cities throughout The Florida Panhandle and I’m highlighting my favorite cities and beaches along Florida’s Emerald Coast!




We started off at Laguna Beach and it was quite lovely. We then went on to explore Panama Beach. Again, lovely. The beaches in Panama are very touristy, but that’s half the fun right? Panama City Beach is filled with amusements and activities. The sand is powdery white, the warm Emerald green waters flow from The Gulf of Mexico and the waves are calm and relaxing.





The Panama City Marina is off the Intercoastal Waterway, in nearby Downtown Panama. There are loads of boats, boats, boats and they are in immaculate condition. The atmosphere with all of the vessels out on the water is very relaxing. Whisk away!



Across the street is the Russell-Fields Pier, and for a few bucks, you can walk across it. Fishermen flock here daily to cast their line into the Gulf waters. There were several food trucks out and about all lined up serving up beachside food and sweet beach treats.


Pier Park is the booming entertainment and shopping hot spot in Panama City Beach. We enjoyed browsing all the local shops and taking the whole experience in. There are many novelty shops, clothing stores, and various restaurants. There are also attractions like the IMAX theater, virtual reality rides, and laser tag.

We had German food for lunch at Hofbrau Beer Gardens. I really loved the Bavarian experience we had at the pub! The live German polka music was the highlight of our outing here. The authenticity of the clothing, decor, and live music were spot on.

Pier Park is a must see when in the area. You undoubtedly will find something fun and entertaining for everyone in your party. Panama City is very popular tourist city offering tons of attractions for all ages. Panama is also a popular place for college kids out on spring break. Panama has a lively boardwalk and beautiful beaches making it the perfect vacation spot for families and friends.






And my bucket list dreams just keep coming true!

With All My Love,
The Vintage Gypsy

“When it’s over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement. I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.” – Mary Oliver