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Bucket List Dreams- San Diego and Coronado Island

San Diego and Coronado Island


Coronado Island is home to the gorgeous and iconic Hotel Del Coronado. Hotel Del is a picture-perfect vintage masterpiece dating back to 1888! The elegant wooden architecture of the historic Hotel Del is inspired from the Victorian era, and exudes the classic beauty of The Old Hollywood Glam atmosphere. The renowned Hotel Del was featured in the 1959 film, Some Like it Hot, starring Marilyn Monroe. The legendary beachfront Hotel Del Coronado is not to be missed.





The Pacific Ocean is undeniably vast and beautiful. At Coronado Island there are many water activities such as swimming, surfing, boating, or even whale-watching! I didn’t realize how cold the water really is here, or just how windy it is! I also thought it would be sunnier in Cali, yet it is often pretty gray out. I really loved all of the rocks and stones lining up the beach.



The views of downtown San Diego, The San Diego Bay and across Coronado Island are quite lovely! The Coronado Bridge is a massive 200 ft. tall, and 11,000+ ft. long curved bridge pouring out into the peninsula. The San Diego-Coronado Bridge sweeps you across into the seaside military Navy town of Coronado Island. You can see some facets of naval activities and many stunning ships and vessels from up above.





I love how many different elements and landscapes California has. Cali has beaches, mountains, deserts and even ski resorts. San Diego is really close to the border of Tijuana Mexico. I love the melting pot of culture that makes San Diego so special and diverse.

I also recommend visiting the Hillcrest area. Hillcrest is the very LGBT friendly neighborhood and also where pride takes place. I enjoyed the restaurants and cozy coffee shops in this neighborhood. Admittedly, I stayed at Starbucks a lot, and I drunk copious amounts of coffee and tea religiously. I also had some of the most unique vegetarian Thai food at Plumeria. I also really love Balboa Park! Balboa Park is enormous and offers so many activities for park visitors.

Some of my favorite views were the Imperial Sand Dunes located outside of Yuma, AZ en route to San Diego, CA. The sunset over the massive sand dunes is superb. Also, there are nice views of the Jacumba Mountains near the Mexico and U.S. border!




And my bucketlist dreams just keep coming true!

With All My Love,

The Vintage Gypsy


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