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Bucket List Dreams- Wynwood Walls

Miami's Infectious Art Scene-

Wynwood Walls


Miami’s art scene, Wynwood Walls, is completely arresting. It proves to be difficult for one to fathom just how massive the Wynwood Walls are. Wynwood Walls is an entire art district encompassing the whole neighborhood! Wynwood Walls, located in the old industrial warehouse district, is an open-air urban concrete jungle, or graffiti park, with colorful, diverse walls which showcase tremendous displays of labor and love from some of the most talented artists far and wide.


Outdoor Museum

The art on the warehouse buildings in Wynwood Walls is splattered on just about every inch of the district. The artsy displays are vibrant and electrifying. You will soon discover that there are more and more art pieces as you explore deeper. This art district has to be one of the coolest spots in Miami! My time was splintered between the massive outdoor graffiti park and the eclectic indoor art museum featuring paintings and other art mediums.





Indoor museum

I was here for the Fearless exhibit which featured new work from over ten artists. I fell in love with the Arabian art. My favorite pieces were the Arabian Nights and Japanese Geishas. The art pieces evoke emotion and are mesmerizing. There is a lot of canvas prints for purchase inside the art rooms.






Street Art

It’s easy to spend the entire day at the walls, and I could have easily spent additional time exploring more of the incredible artistic creations. You can get some fascinating images here, and there are plenty of opportunities for photo-ops. There are also various art galleries, barrooms, and boutiques in the area. They have several spots to get a bite to eat, plus ice cream trucks and fruit stands. You should grab yourself a fresh cut pineapple or coconut and with a fancy umbrella straw in it and get to exploring.





This place is definitely a sensory overload but in a good way. One of my favorite outdoor murals is the Asian wall art depicting the 10,000 Buddha’s. I love the art scene at Wynwood Walls, and in actuality, I  love all graffiti parks- check out my previous post on Hope Graffiti Park. 


Almost every inch of the Wynwood area is covered in graffiti, wall murals, and street art. I saw the most fascinating pieces of art that genuinely evoked emotions-laughter, awe, joy, contemplation, compassion, sorrow, and understanding. This place makes you feel something! The walls completely surpassed my expectations. If you don’t visit the walls, you will do yourself a great disservice, because this place begs to be explored and enjoyed.


And my bucket list dreams just keep coming true!

With All My Love,
The Vintage Gypsy

She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.”

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Bucket List Adventures- Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach, Fl. –Quiet Water Beach

I love the scenic stretch from Gulf Breeze as you cross the three-mile bridge through Pensacola Bay and the Intracoastal Waterway. There is just something about crossing over and seeing the vast emerald waters sprawled before me. On one side of the waterway is the Gulf of Mexico, and the Santa Rosa Sound lies on the other. I know when I reach this point it feels I am going to my safe haven, my happy place, where my own girl-child is finally home.


Downtown Pensacola is great for sips, bites, and activities. In Downtown Pensacola, you can shop and dine, visit museums and parks, and attend live music venues. Pensacola holds a lot of historical importance, and you can visit several landmarks and points of interest. Pensacola is famed for it’s Blue Angels Navel Air Show. You can also visit Gulf Islands National Seashore, and tour nearby Fort Barrancas and Fort Pickens.

I really enjoy Pensacola, and I visit the beach often. Pensacola is great for weekend getaways and family vacations. Once you cross over the toll bridge, you are now in your own little slice of paradise. Take your time enjoying the scenery and adventuring in nature at Pensacola Beach.


The Pensacola Beach Boardwalk offers beach-goers sort of an all-inclusive resort-style experience. The iconic Shell amphitheater is your official Welcome to Pensacola Beach landmark. I usually splinter my time between the beach and the boardwalk.

My trip to the beach isn’t complete unless I take a stroll down the Pensacola Beach boardwalk and pier. I like to start off my Pensacola trip by exploring the boardwalk window shopping, and then immerse myself entirely at the beach. The boardwalk offers multiple restaurants including fresh seafood straight from The Gulf of Mexico. The boardwalk also is home to live entertainment venues, boutique stores, and surf shops. At the boardwalk, you can get your face painted, henna hand tattoos, shell mermaid hair crowns, airbrushed tees, caricature drawings, handmade seashell jewelry, unique souvenirs and more.



At the boardwalk, you can take a boat tour on a glass bottom boat, speedboat or catamaran. They offer both exciting daytime and quaint sunset dolphin tours.

The Premier Dolphin Cruise boards at Pensacola Beach’s boardwalk and travels through Gulf Islands National Seashore and the Santa Rosa Sound. The Premier boat cruise offers guests a relaxing and informational two-hour ride aboard a 63’ catamaran. After exploring the boardwalk, it’s time to soak up some sun at the pristine Pensacola Beach!

Every Memorial weekend Pensacola Beach holds an annual pride festival on the beach. During Memorial Weekend all of the nightclubs have special events going on. The favorite spots here are Capt’n Fun’s Beach Club and Bamboo Willie’s. Parking can be atrocious, so I’d recommend getting a hotel on the beach so you can walk freely, or in the vicinity of the beach events and activities.


The gentle emerald waters of Pensacola’s Quietwater Beach are particularly inviting. The water at Pensacola is actually pretty calm, and the waves aren’t too big. This makes Pensacola Beach the perfect place for small children and families to enjoy a full beach day. The temperature of the waters usually always pretty warm, and sometimes it may be a little cooler depending on when you go.

Footprints in the Sand Eco Trail is a natural habitat preservation area near Pensacola beach. The Eco Trail preserves nature and wildlife by bringing awareness to protecting sea life and the environment. The Eco Trail is a safe haven for nesting sea turtles, fish, birds, crabs and more.



The Graffiti Bridge is situated over the cities old railroad tracks. The Graffiti Bridge is ever-changing and continuously evolving. The artists paint graffiti on the bridge and surrounding area of the railway. You will see a variety of artistic expressions ranging from love professions, personal sentiments, and intimate and raw street art.


Pensacola Love Locks is my favorite discovery at The Graffiti Bridge. Many couples visit to place a padlock on the fence as a symbol of their love and solidarity. The idea is that loving couples would attach their locks to the fence to profess their love and commitment to one another. Then the couples would, in turn, toss the key for their devotion to remain locked through time!


I love visiting all of the beaches located on Florida’s Gulf Coast and Florida’s Emerald Coast from Pensacola down to Destin and beyond. Pensacola Beach offers vacationers many surf shops, souvenirs stores, restaurants and other attractions. I genuinely enjoy everything far and in between Pensacola, Fort Walton, Okaloosa, Navarre, Destin, Miramar, and Panama. Florida’s Gulf Coast and Emerald Coast have beaches for days and days! So, which amazing beach do you want to visit next?

And my bucket list dreams just keep coming true!


With All My Love,
The Vintage Gypsy

“I have always been the woman of my dreams.” – Nayyirah Waheed



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Bucket List Dreams: Hope Graffiti Park


The Graffiti Park


The Hope Outdoor Gallery, also known as Graffiti Park at Castle Hills, also known as Baylor Street Art Wall, is an incredible 3-4 multi-level tier display of murals, graffiti, wall art, and street art. Austin’s Graffiti Park is an explosion of talented graffiti artists faithfully creating and recreating mind-blowing and jaw-dropping street art.


Throughout the day you can see artists hard at work creating murals and masterpieces before your very eyes. Many of the artists dedicate their time and talents to bring even more beauty and animation to Austin. The wall paintings are lively and full of character. The murals tell vivid stories to visitors and express the artist’s raw emotions, range and personality.


The artists showcase new work on a daily basis. You likely will not see the graffiti park look the same twice. The talent and creativity portrayed by each artist are manifold. The paintings and stories are widespread and ever-changing. Oftentimes you can converse with the artists while they are creating their newest art piece, and they will share with you their inspiration for the mural.


The Graffiti Park overlooks downtown Austin. We were here for dusk and got to see the sunset over downtown Austin and the Grafitti Park. Please note, parking is slim to none. We lucked up and caught street parking, but that took time and a great deal of patience. It is a tight fit in this area and there is literally no place to park that doesn’t have no parking signs. Be prepared to wait it out, go round in circles, and possibly walk a ways back once you do.



The Graffiti Park was packed with people. Some were painting the walls with spray cans and others hanging out all along the different tiers. You can bring your own spray paint and add your mark or be like me and find a can lying around on the ground. Just be mindful of the existing work that other artists have labored perfecting their crafts.



You may want to do some light stretching if you plan to make it all the way to the top. I believe I did some climbing and hiking and a lot of sliding back down. I’d suggest you also wear boots or tennis shoes because you’re on your own as far as getting around.


I explored each tier and I was fascinated by the attention to detail and professionalism on most things. There are some things not as professional and fall along the lines of tagging. Some of the art is pretty raw and others are more refined. I find art in everything so I still could appreciate even these pieces.



The Graffiti Park is a pretty hip spot to be. It is hipster-inspired and so very Austin. There are tables set up with some artists selling work. Some of the artists have their boom boxes and are just jamming out spreading good vibes all around.




There are some massive pieces that really left me breathless. I truly love art that evokes emotions and tells stories. It was great to see so many artists here working on their crafts. We got some incredible sunset photographs. The backdrops at the park are amazing. There are so many colors here it’s just terrific! The views from the varying look out points are stunning as you can see Austin in all its glory.


Before heading out we got to talk with one of the artists who had just completed his masterpiece that day. It was the story of the woman in the sky who was deeply in love with the man of the mountains. She left the heavens to find her one true love on the earth. He didn’t need to explain it though. The art spoke for itself and told me it’s story. The piece was deeply moving.


The views from the bottom of the park are inspiring and the views once making it to the top are just tremendous!


And my bucket list dreams just keep coming true!

With All My love,
The Vintage Gypsy

“She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.”

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With Love, From Dallas

Explore & Discover: Dallas, Texas

Dallas is a vibrant city set against a magnificent skyline. The diversity of Dallas embraces both the country and city life of The Lone Star State. There is a multitude of iconic places for history buffs and art lovers alike. The rich history and pride of Dallas are evident in many neighborhoods across the city. There are ongoing preservation and revitalization projects that consistently drive more visitors to continue to explore and discover Dallas.


Downtown Dallas:

The massive skyscrapers that tower over the city of Dallas are some of the best cityscapes I have seen. Dallas is home to 30+ high-rises that range from 350- 921 ft. In fact, the Dallas skyline has been rated as the best skyline in the world! The buildings in downtown Dallas are tremendous in height and grandeur. Dallas by night, all lit up and flashy, is very impressive.



Reunion Tower:

The Reunion Tower is for observation of the Dallas cityscapes. Reunion Tower is one of the most notable landmarks in Dallas. Reunion Tower offers visitors an interactive digital experience, viewing deck, and spectacular 360-degree panoramic views. There is also an event space, restaurants, and gift shop inside.



Thanksgiving Square:

Thanksgiving Square is a beautiful white marble spiral structure that reaches 90 ft. into the deep blue Dallas sky. The spiral design symbolizes in ancient cultures the spiral of life. The concept is centered around the belief that our human spirit also reaches infinitely skyward. Thanksgiving Square has a spiritual center, The Chapel of Thanksgiving. The walkway entering the sacred space is also a spiral symbolizing the infinity of life and the heavens. When exiting the chapel you walk down the spiral bringing you back in touch with the world once more.



Art Districts:
Dallas has two prominent art neighborhoods: Deep Ellum and Bishop Arts District.

Deep Ellum puts the quirk in quirky- I love it. I couldn’t come to the Dallas area and not check out the art scene- which is basically my sole purpose for traveling. The Deep Ellum neighborhood is definitely something I’m glad I didn’t miss. Being a full time explorer of all things interesting this was right up my alley. I really found the art and industrial scene to be fascinating. I love finding dirty and beautiful things to photograph.

They had some really cool iconic architecture and sculptures that took a little while to actually locate, but I was determined to find them. I even found plenty of hidden gems as well. They have a incredible amount of street art including graffiti work and wall murals. You want to check out Deep Ellum when your in the Dallas area! They have lots of engaging visual art pieces, unique eateries and shops.

Bishop Arts District is the former warehouse district of Dallas. Bishop Arts District is a hip and trendy area in the Oak Cliff neighborhood. Bishop Arts district is renowned for its art scene, boutique shopping, charming cafes and live entertainment venues.






Deep Ellum neighborhood is the urban warehouse district of Dallas. Deep Ellum is famed for its live music venues and art scene. Deep Ellum offers restaurants, nightclubs, bars, cafes, and gastropubs



Deep Ellum showcases a large variety of street art, graffiti and wall murals. The wall art expands across the entire neighborhood. Deep Ellum is known for its vibrant and eclectic street art and entertainment venues.



In Deep Ellum, you can see grand steel and iron sculptures and structures. The Traveling Man robots placed throughout Deep Ellum are to signify and pay homage to the past railway systems of the neighborhood. The artistic design of Deep Ellum is the industrial scene.




Bishop Arts District Bishop Arts District showcases eclectic coffee spots, foodie spots, vintage clothing, antique stores and more. Taking a stroll through the neighborhood is a great way to take in all of the various art displays and murals.



The Bishop Arts District is vibrant and lively. I love chasing street art so this neighborhood is my cup of tea. I was enamored with all of the bungalows and charming characteristics of this old neighborhood. I also loved the indie atmosphere of The Bishop Arts District.DSC_0513.jpgDSC_0499.jpg

And my bucket list dreams just keep coming true!

With All My Love,
The Vintage Gypsy

“I am a museum full of art.” – Rupi Kaur