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Bucket List Dreams- Ft. Worth Water Gardens and Botanic Gardens

Fort Worth

Howdy, from Texas, Y’all!

From water gardens to botanic gardens, I started my Ft. Worth trip in search of beautiful destinations that would completely compel and inspire me.



Fort Worth Water Gardens

Ft. Worth Water Gardens is home to three magnificent pools for reflection and admiration. The many water features and grand architectural design are superb! The water gardens are truly a serene oasis.

  • Active pool- towering fountains, cascading waterfalls
  • Aerating pool- rainbow hues, soft spurts of mist
  • Quiet water pool- tranquil meditation, sunken pool

The first pool we came to was the Active Pool. There are levels of cascading waterfalls that you can actually walk all the way down from the concrete stone spiraling stairs. It is very wet on the steps and the water looked pretty deep so I proceeded with extreme caution. I took the steps all the way down to the middle of the pool while forceful waterfalls rushed down. As cautious as I was, I still ended up getting splashed several times. The view from the top is splendid, but the view once you reach the bottom and look up is tremendous.

The second water pool we visited was the Aerated Pool. This pool has soft sprinkler style waterspouts, and the water gave off rainbow-hued reflections.

The last pool we visited was the Quiet Water Pool. This pool has gentle blue water streaming and sounds like a springtime rain shower.









A day visit to the Fort Worth Water Gardens is a must-do if you’re in the area. You can really find your zen and center yourself when in this inspiring and serene space. There is also have a concrete mountain that you may explore. This concrete water jungle is nothing short of a masterpiece.


Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens offers lovely flower gardens for you to enjoy. The flowers were all nicely labeled so you could see which varieties were in bloom. There wasn’t an awful lot of flowers, but the ones they had were just lovely. I was enamored with the little grotto area with its boulder rocks and streams. I also explored the Texas Native Walk trail. I love finding places that inspire me artistically with nothing more than their genuine beauty and peace.

  • Japanese Gardens
  • Texas Native Walk Trail
  • Grotto








Hell’s Half Acre Point dates back to the Old Wild West of the late 1800’s. This Red Light District is built upon the site of past saloons, old bar fights, and bustling brothels.

Fort Worth is the center of all things reminiscent of western culture. In Fort Worth, you are in the mecca of cowboys and cattle drives. Fort Worth embraces the history of days past and the Old West.



Downtown Historic Ft. Worth offers historic landmarks, dining and shopping options, theaters and entertainment venues, museums and an eclectic assortment of attractions.

Sundance Square is a great place to sit on a park bench by the pavilion, take a stroll and sightsee around the plaza, or catch a street performance or fountain show.

Stockyards Station is all things Old West. The historic district is located in the heart of Ft. Worth and exudes the cowboys, cattle drives, and Wild Wild West era. Also, there is shopping and dining options, as well as rodeos, tours and old tyme Cowtown inspired celebrations.

Dallas/Fort Worth is a little bit of city and a whole lot of country. Interestingly, you can step right outside the big city life of Dallas, and step into life the cowboy way in Fort Worth. This trip could only be more complete with a big studded cowboy hat, big rhinestone belt buckle, and flashy cowboy boots. You know they say everything is bigger in Texas!

And my bucket list dreams just keep coming true!

With All My Love,
The Vintage Gypsy

“She writes things with her movements that I for the life of me could never write with a pen.” -Christopher Poindexter