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Bucket List Dreams- Jacksonville Beach

Explore: Jacksonville, FL

Florida is renowned for its gorgeous topography and immaculate seashores. The natural beauty of the vast Atlantic Ocean is unparalleled. The beaches in Jacksonville certainly speaks to this testament. Jacksonville offers three beautiful primary beaches: Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Neptune Beach.

Admittedly, I am always beckoned to the water. I am home when I am by the ocean; I definitely have a Pisces heart. I love questing for beauty across all of the North and South Florida beaches.

Downtown Jacksonville

Downtown Jacksonville is an interesting and beautiful place to visit. Jacksonville is a mecca for glorious old architecture. The downtown skyscrapers and national historical sites are reminiscent of times past.

Additionally, many of these esteemed buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The famous structures and landmarks in downtown Jacksonville are architectural marvels. The Jacksonville bridges are also a spectacle. They are colorful and captivating in their own right.

Downtown Jacksonville is also celebrated for its art scene and streetscapes.  There are many intriguing pieces down alleyways and on the sides of old buildings.

I am always questing for art which is aesthetically pleasing. I love studying pieces that have been created with intricate detail varied juxtaposition. I continually search out immersive art because I am drawn to understanding the artists’ story or muse.



The Jacksonville Landing

The Jacksonville Landing was on my to-see to-do list when visiting the Jacksonville area. The Jacksonville Landing lies along the St. Johns River in Downtown Jacksonville. The scenery of the Riverwalk, St. Johns River and Main Street Bridge are dazzling.

The Jacksonville Landing is both a shopping outlet and indoor mall. The landing is quite perfect for a day visit or evening out. There are various dining, shopping, and attractions.



Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach is great for outdoor water sports adventuring days or relaxing days soaking up the sun lounging on the warm white sand. There is along the shore and many stores for beach shopping. Jacksonville Beach is nice and clean; my family and I had great fun walking along the shore and splashing in sparkling waters at the beach. I did notice they had a number of ants so watch those precious toes of yours.


Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach is a stunning beach complete with a boardwalk. It appears that Jacksonville, Neptune, and Atlantic Beach all seem to run into one another and share boardwalks. I personally like the all-inclusive aspect of having waterfront dining, shopping along the beach for convenience purposes.

The sand here is sugary white and the water was kind of cool to the touch. Atlantic Beach is a waking dream. I found a ton of gorgeous white fossilized seashells. I also hunted for colorful seashells which are rarer. Some of the seashells had living organisms in them and others were fossils. The shells at Atlantic beach are so perfect that I entertained the idea that some of those shells had to be bought and delicately placed right there on the beach.





Neptune Beach

Neptune Beach is absolutely stunning. Neptune Beach is reminiscent of an island oasis. The sand is soft and powder white and the water was cool, but not freezing. The Neptune Beach area includes more shops and restaurants. I definitely can appreciate this factor especially when you’re looking for an all-inclusive style experience. Also, if you’re into photography this beach photographs like a dream.



Starbucks Neptune Beach

I always swing by Starbucks for iced teas and coffees in between beach hopping. This is the first Starbucks location I’ve been to where you can order outside from a walk-up window. I love this factor especially since we were all sandy and wet from the beach. The patio furniture had ample and plush outdoor seating large enough for multiple small groups.

My party and I ordered the Pink Drinks in addition to Java Chip frappuccinos. Did I mention the walk-up window because I can certainly dig that? Happy sipping, folks!



Florida is truly a sanctuary to many walks of life. The central theme is to co-exist as one with nature, humans, animals and all marine life. Remember, leave only your footprints!

I certainly believe Jacksonville is worth your visit. And I look forward to returning to further explore this interesting and beautiful city. Until next time!

And my bucket list dreams just keep coming true!

With All My Love,
The Vintage Gypsy

“How does the sea remember me. every time.” –Nayyirah Waheed

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Bucket List Dreams- Top of the Rock and Lost Canyon

 Top of The Rock

Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail

Greetings from The Show Me State! Missouri is filled with many outdoor activities for you to enjoy, whether it’s attending a world-class show, or immersing yourself in nature. My journey took me through two very beautiful mountain regions the Ouachita’s and the Ozark’s!




Branson is perfect for a mini vacation or weekend getaway. Top of the Rock is a recreational resort destination offering lodging, golfing, nature trails, dining and shopping. There is also a museum and gift shop on site.

Big Cedar Lodge offers guests luxurious rustic log cabins, lodges and cottages. The stunning resort is situated with views of the Ozark’s and Table Rock Lake. You can stay lake-side, or even mountainside for woodsy views.

Top of the Rock Golf Course is a premier golfing destination. At top of the Rock you can get your practice in, schedule lessons, or just have a quiet morning stroll among the relaxing and inspiring scenery.

Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail allow guests to take a leisurely ride through the immaculate nature park. The Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail showcases the best vistas, scenic landscapes and panoramic views of The Great Outdoors.

Other points of interest: Chapel of the Ozark’s, Jack’s Civil War Cabin, Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum and the Golf Pro Shop, and The Amish bridge.

The Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail was the highlight of my Missouri trip! We paid the 10 dollar entrance fee and drove up to the Top of The Rock. You get the ten dollars back to either put towards food, amusements or the cost of the tour tickets (which we did.) We checked in and signed some waivers and paid the 25 dollar fee per person for the golf cart self-guided tour. There is a multitude of man-made and natural formations to observe and explore.

I spent the day exploring the beautiful Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail!




We started off and saw waterfalls and rock formations, and then made our way to the four-story cave. The cave was so beautiful with a waterfall overhead, and when we came around the bend I saw the Bat Bar. The cave tour was a great experience and definitely a lot of fun. The views inside the cave were spectacular!




We continued our way and stopped off many times to take in the gorgeous views from up at the top. You can see many beautiful cascading waterfalls, stacked table rock formations, and wildlife. Top of The Rock sits high atop a bluff and you can see Ozark’s and Table Rock Lake. This place is a photographers dream. Everything we witnessed was so mesmerizing.





I love the unexpected discovery of being completely enchanted with the discovery of a new place. At Top of the Rock you will take in the scenic vistas of Ozark’s. The cave offers mystery and intrigue to curious minds. The gorges and canyons are bold and daring. The mountain views, rolling hills and towering waterfalls are awe-inspiring.


The Lost Canyon affords visitors with unparalleled views of the Ozark mountains and Table Rock Lake. I am eternally grateful for getting to witness the beauty and greatness of The Lost Canyon!

And my bucket list dreams just keep coming true!

With All My Love,
The Vintage Gypsy

“She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. She knows nothing of borders and cares nothing for rules or customs. ‘Time’ for her isn’t something to fight against. Her life flows clean, with passion, like fresh water. ” -Roman Payne


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Flagstaff- The Gateway to the Grand Canyon

Explore & Discover
Flagstaff, AZ

Downtown Flagstaff-  The Flagstaff Visitors Center and Amtrak train station is a great central point to begin your Flagstaff adventures. Here you can find loads of valuable information about Historic Route 66 and Downtown Flagstaff. The visitors center has tons of train and Route 66 themed souvenirs including postcards, magnets, t-shirts, mugs and so much more.






Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Chapel- Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a gorgeous pink gothic architecture Catholic church made from volcano rock, complete with gargoyles and a bell tower!




The Painted Desert – Multicolored layered rocks, mesas and badlands created from sun exposure, earthquakes, floods and volcano eruptions.

Petrified National Forest- Fossils (including dinosaur fossils), colorful petrified wood and multi-hued badlands.

Walnut Canyon National Monument- Cliff and cave dwellings, ancient pueblos and scenic overlooks of the canyon.

Coconino National Forest- Acres and acres of wild forestry and Ponderosa Pines (the most abundant collection in the world.)

Wapatki National Monument- Native American pueblos and ruins. The Ancient Pueblo’s inhabited this area and built a 100 room pueblo, farmed and raised families around 500 AD!

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument- This crater was formed over 900+ years ago when the volcano erupted spilling lava throughout the area.


Flagstaff has so many interesting places for you to discover and explore from national forests and monuments, ruins sites, and historic Route 66! Happy travels, y’all!

With All My Love,
~The Vintage Gypsy

“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”-Paulo Coelho

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Bucket List Dreams- Red Rock Canyon

Bucket list dreaming!

Red Springs, Red Rock

Red Rock Natural Conservation Area is miles and miles of natural beauty, and has the most tremendous views you could ever dream of. If you love the outdoors you’ll definitely want to add Red Rock to your bucket list and itinerary.

Red Springs, Red Rock

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is definitely top of the bucket list. Red Rock Canyon is located within The Mojave desert and is one of the most scenic and glorious natural conservation areas I have ever witnessed.

Sandstone Quarry, Red Rock
Sandstone Quarry, Red Rock
Sandstone Quarry, Red Rock

Did you know Red Rock dates back 180 million years during the Jurassic era? Red Rock was once covered by the sea that receded over time and turned into sand dunes, and eventually mountains and canyons. At Red Rock, you can immerse yourself in nature, hike canyons and climb cliffs. Red Rock is also a photographers dream. There is so much natural beauty at Red Rock you can explore and discover.

Sandstone Quarry, Red Rock
Sandstone Quarry, Red Rock

Red Rock has many canyons, trails and rock formations. And red Aztec Sandstone and Joshua trees are gorgeous. The canyons are actually swirls of colorful marble rock formations and both pastel and vivid colored sandstone.

Calico Basin, Red Rock
Calico Basin, Red Rock

At Red Rock, you will immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Red Rock offers the most incredible panoramic and scenic views of the canyons and desert vegetation. Red Rock is the perfect wanderlust and bucket-list adventure!

Willow Spring, Red Rock
Willow Spring, Red Rock

Full-time explorer of all things interesting.

With All My Love,

~The Vintage Gypsy

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” –Susan Sontag

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Bucket List Dreams- The Alien Capital of the World- Roswell, NM

Roswell, New Mexico- The Alien Capital of the World.


Greetings earthlings, from The Alien Capital of the World! Roswell is famous for the alleged UFO crash of 1947. This is the perfect place for exploring everything unusual and wacky. While in Roswell I was lucky enough to get to have some close encounters with UFO’s and extraterrestrials of my own!



The Roswell Incident


The International UFO museum is not to be missed while in Roswell! We learned so much about extraterrestrials and UFO’s. They have so much documented information from Ufology experts. Ufologists do research and follow leads on all alien sightings and stories. I loved learning about the history of The Roswell Incident.

The Roswell incident of 1947 is world-famous. It is said that a flying disc crashed into a ranch and that the unidentified flying object was seized and aliens were discovered. The story tells us that the government then brought all of this in for testing at Area 51 and then covered up the entire incident.

I loved all of the interactive alien exhibits and photos and videos of readers findings. They also have a great gift shop with a lot of specialized merchandise. It was such a neat experience to read all about the alleged government cover-up and the conspiracy theories.





Parable of The Roswell Incident
1. The Aliens came- they explored- and they crashed.
2. The Rancher went-he found it-and he reports it.
3. Others raced to the site- and stood mystified.
4. The Air Force went- investigated- and took it.
5. The Government came-confiscated- and denies it.
6. The Men in Black came-singled out- and threatened.
7. Now, no one knows anything about any of it.


Main Street -Roswell’s Downtown Historic District. What a fun and touristy experience! They have aliens and UFO’S stationed everywhere and you can get so many silly photo-ops posing with all of the aliens downtown.








Roswell has really cool street art and wall murals throughout the downtown historic area. My favorite is the space and galaxy graffiti wall. This colorful piece has the planet Saturn and the galaxies painted on the walls.






Alien Zone has a lot of fun alien’s and props that’s photo-op worthy and lots of alien novelties and souvenirs. This is a great place to get some keepsakes to remind you of your wacky time in Roswell. Keep Roswell Weird!







Roswell, you’ve been great! 🚀👽

And my bucket list dreams just keep coming true.


With All My Love,

~The Vintage Gypsy


“Time past and time future what might have been and what has been point to one end, which is always present.” ― T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets