The Vintage Gypsy- On an eternal quest for beauty.

The Weeping Angel


I am on an eternal quest for beauty.

My love for creating art was birthed from both life-altering and life-affirming events. In the aftermath of my past- chaos and the blur- I underwent periods of extinguishing myself and rebirth many times over. I know what it is to be bound, lost, and in darkness, and through that journey, I learned the art of healing and breaking free. This period of being reborn has changed me and the course of my life forever-more. So many of us have been given second chances, and I believe with all my heart that we should be grateful every single day, and we should see as many beautiful things on this earth as we can. I hope to inspire others to reach their bucket-list dreams, too.

Art is sacred. Art is my refuge.

Art has healed me over and over again. Art has saved me time and time again.

I love the way the light shines on an old abandoned building I have not yet discovered. I love the way the shadows dance across the mighty mountains beckoning me to them. I love the way the forest smells- green and earthy- inviting me to lose myself beneath its shade. I love the way I stand humbled before a vast desert with eyes searching for an oasis, and unearthing it layer by layer. I love the way the sea always remembers me as a playful girl-child and tells me its wild secrets.

I believe in two truths: Love everyone and everything.

Forgive everyone and everything.

On my cross-country and coast to coast travel adventures I’ll be visiting even more beaches, mountains, deserts, national parks and monuments, iconic landmarks, historical markers and points of interest! There is still so much beauty in this world left to witness. I’ll be chronicling my upcoming travel adventures of wanderlust worthy locations including those well-known and those hidden off the beaten path. Whether barefoot or boots, sunshine or snow, I am always ready for an adventure. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite discoveries while wanderlusting.


I am on an eternal quest for beauty. And my bucket list dreams just coming true.

All my love,

~The Vintage Gypsy

*Lover of Words. Frequent Reader. Occasional Writer. Sometimes Poet. Photographer and Muse. Full-time Explorer. Creative Direction. Student of Life.*


“Re: invention is a beautiful thing the morning after you die.” –Bonafide Rojas