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Bucket List Dreams- Hemingbough



A Spiritual Retreat to Hemingbough


Hemingbough is a beloved sanctuary where I draw a source of inspiration for many of my musings. Hemingbough is a cultural arts center situated in the Felicianas within the quaint and charming town of Saint Francisville.  Hemingbough is located along the rolling hills of Louisiana’s Old South Hwy.

This rural retreat is beautiful and tranquil and promotes a meditative state and rest. Hemingbough is a safe haven for spiritual seekers of enlightenment and promotes inner peace and harmony between nature, self, and our fellow man. One can enjoy the quiet solitude of the great outdoors and bask in the warm Louisiana sun.


The Greek Revival amphitheater is where I am drawn to, and I get lost in the beauty of the elegant architecture. The Greek amphitheater features an open-air coliseum and towering white columns with an inspiring water backdrop. There are also many stunning Greek statues sprawled throughout the grounds. This is a gorgeous location to exchange vows.


Hemingbouhgh has beautiful natural areas overlooking the lake. Audubon Lake offers scenic views of Louisiana’s iconic lakes and woods. I enjoy sitting next to the water and taking in all of the natural beauty of nature. It’s the perfect place for solitude and self-reflection.


I also love the gazebo overlooking Lake Audubon and the water show at the fountains. The peristyle gazebo is one of my favorite spots at Hemingbough. I take my hair down and spin around in my flowy dress and laugh at life and smile at god.


 I always find myself gravitating to the greenery and mystery of the labyrinth maze. I enjoy strolling through the formal gardens and garden hedge maze taking in all of the sights and wonders of nature. There are many angelic statues spread throughout the grounds. The Spanish Moss trees tower overhead, and it’s easy to get lost beneath their shade and beauty.


Peacocks are one of my spirit animals because they are beautiful, regal and majestic. Their iridescent and colorful bright blue and green fans have tiny ornamental eyes. Greek mythology tells us the story of Zeus and Hera, the rulers of the heavens.

Zeus was a lover of many women but took Hera as his wife. Mythology tells us that Zeus admired another woman, Lo, and so a vengeful Hera exacted revenge. Hera transformed the young girl into a heifer and gave her up to her servant, the monster Argus, who had a hundred eyes. Zeus and Hermes plotted to free Lo and have the monster killed. The plan was a success. Legend tells us that Hera placed the eyes onto her sacred animal, the peacock.



Hemingbough runs as a plantation-style bed and breakfast. Hemingbough offers 8 guesthouses, cottages, and two end suites. Hemingbough also operates as a wedding and event venue. The Audubon Room and Hempstead Hall can be rented out for rehearsal dinners and receptions, as well as birthday, engagement, or anniversary parties.

Hemingbough artfully blends Old Southern architecture with Greek Revival architecture. I am an Old Hollywood vintage enthusiast and classic Greek mythology lover, so Hemingbough is the perfect place for me to find inspiration to curate art.


The Edward Dease Memorial chapel offers a moments peace to those seeking prayer and meditation. The chapel features a small porch, dressed alter and communion table, an old piano, Bibles and songbooks, and stained glass windows.

With All My Love,
The VintageGypsy

“What if it’s the there
and not the here
that I long for?
The wander
and not the wait,
the magic
in the lost feet
stumbling down
the faraway street
and the way the moon
never hangs
quite the same.”

-Tyler Knott Gregson