Baton Rouge City Guide


Baton Rouge is a vibrant and cultural city which brings passionate locals together through our deep love of our town and rich historical roots. There are many famed landmarks and exciting attractions that draw in the masses. There are always numerous community events and festivities to look forward to. Baton Rouge is a port city that bridges us to the world and the world to us!


The Louisiana State Capital reaches high into the sky welcoming all far and wide.


Louisiana’s Old State Capital is our very own castle in the south.


Downtown Baton Rouge is the place to be for activities, attractions, and festivities.


The Mississippi River Bridge highlights the port city of Baton Rouge.


 The Riverfront offers scenic views of the Mississippi River and Mississippi River Bridge. The Levee is loved by all ages and is the perfect location for biking and jogging.


Arsenal Park is located in the Spanish town neighborhood of downtown Baton Rouge. Arsenal Park is warm and inviting, and a local favorite.


City Park has several attractions. City Park encompasses the main park, golf course, tennis courts, dog park, art museum, and more.


Baton Rouge has several historical antebellum plantation homes that are open to the public for educational tours. The plantation homes are accessible for photoshoots, weddings, and other parties and events.


Famous plantations include Magnolia Mound, Mount Hope and neighboring The Myrtles, Nottoway, Houmas House, and more.


Perkins Rowe offers a great selection of boutiques and restaurants. They often have live music on the weekends, and they have a great movie theater.


Baton Rouge celebrates numerous Mardi Gras parades during parade season. The festivities are in full swing during Mardi Gras, and this really embodies the spirit of Louisiana.


Baton Rouge has many festivals. Live After Five sponsors free outdoor concerts every spring and fall. I love seeing everyone smiling and coming together as one big family to enjoy music, dancing, and food.


The Brec Baton Rouge Zoo is a favorite spot for family fun. Everyone loves the zoo!



L.S.U. Hilltop Arboretum is the perfect place for enjoying a day outdoors in nature.


Baton Rouge is known for being the home of Louisiana State University.  L.S.U. is tiger country. You can visit Tigerland on any given weekend during football season to see tons of tailgating fans, cook-outs, and get-togethers. Tigerland is relatively all inclusive with food spots, clothing stores, live venues, bars and more.


Baton Rouge is quite the cultural experience. A short drive from here is our sister city, New Orleans. One thing is sure, Louisiana is a melting pot and being a Louisiana girl is a way of life.


In Louisiana, our roots run deep. We have a strong sense of faith, family, and community. Our southern charm welcomes all.


With All My Love,
The Vintage Gypsy

“Nostalgia in reverse, the longing for yet another strange land, grew especially strong in spring.” ––Vladimir Nabokov

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36 replies on “Baton Rouge City Guide”

This looks like so much fun! Didn’t realize there were so many beautiful places to see there. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.


I’ve never really considered Baton Rouge as a vacation destination before, but after seeing these photos I’m thinking I need to reconsider.


Hello Angelle,

This places are so adorable, look at the lovely pictures.

I’ll so love to visit here someday, hope you wouldn’t mind to take me around?

BTW, Angelle, I replied you on my blog, do well to check it out.


When I applied to LSU about a decade ago, I read up everything on Baton Rouge. Didn’t get a chance to go then, but re-lived the memories through your blog.

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Very nice pictures! I’ve been wanting to go to Louisiana and New Orleans. I’m definitely saving this post so when I go I know what we can go see.


Yesssssssssssssssssssssss, Mardi Gras is one of my favorite times of the year due to the colorful and fun parades. I also love that beautiful stain glass in the Old State Capital building. Love the structure too.


I will go with the description first. It is lovely and I love the history story behind your posts that you include. I loved the duck pictures. Other pictures are perfect too.


Your pictures are always so beautiful and vibrant and make me want to travel to these places immediately 🙂 The mardi gras parade looks really cool. The L.S.U. Hilltop Arboretum is definitely something I would enjoy as well, as I love discovering new places to go walking and get out into nature.


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