Mississippi Adventures- Biloxi and Gulfport

I have always loved the picturesque views of beachscapes, cityscapes, desertscapes, and mountainscapes. I am always searching for beauty and adventure whether a local staycation, an out of town getaway, or a cross-country excursion. And I always follow wherever the pull on my own heart leads me.


Discover and Explore Mississippi’s Gulf Coast

Mississippi is known for its great outdoors and is a vast playground for music aficionados, food lovers, nature enthusiasts and history buffs. In Mississippi, you can visit the birthplace of Elvis Presley, observe wildlife and marine life at Gulf Islands National Seashore, hike and chase waterfalls at Clark Creek Nature Area, or visit one of their 22 state parks.



Biloxi and Gulfport are Mississippi’s namesakes drawing people in by the masses. Both Biloxi and Gulfport are famous for their Gulf Coast beaches and flashy upscale casinos. My time was splintered between Biloxi, Gulfport, and Ocean Springs.


Front Beach, Ocean Springs is in nearby Biloxi. The beaches do not rival the crystal waters of Florida, but they are local favorites for southerners and other Mississippians.



A visit to Mississippi is perfect for a mini vacation or weekend staycation with their numerous adult oriented and family-friendly attractions. The flashing lights of all of the casinos and animated billboards let you know you have arrived in Biloxi. Both locals and visitors flock to Biloxi beach and Gulfport beach year-round.

Biloxi is well-known for its many casinos. Popular casinos include Beau Rivage, Harrah’s, Hard Rock, and Golden Nugget. On any given night you can catch a musical act or theatrical show.


Biloxi is well-known for its many casinos. Popular casinos include Beau Rivage, Harrah’s, Hard Rock, and Golden Nugget. On any given night you can catch a musical act or theatrical show.


Hard Rock puts the rock in rock and roll. This casino features tons of slot machines and table games, a buffet and restaurants, a robotic bar, a wall of guitars, and funky interior plastered with music memorabilia.


Big Fish Charters Marina offers inshore and barrier island fishing trips. There are tons of seabirds flying overhead and swooping below looking for small fish. The marina is kept in great condition and showcases many spectacular boats.


On a hot day, an Iced Blonde Cold Foam Caramel Cappuccino is a sure-fire way to escape the heat. A few trips to several local Starbucks is always a part of my traveling. I love my fancy blended coffee drinks!


The Hurricane Katrina Memorial commemorates the devastation that was wrought upon Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. The memorial consists of plaques and statues in remembrance of the unfathomable destruction and immeasurable loss that affected thousands upon thousands of lives.



St. Michael’s Catholic Church is so unique and beautiful. The exterior of the church features a shell-like design with bronze flutes and intricate stained glass. St. Michael’s has a rich local history and is known as the church of the fisherman.


Other things to do in Biloxi:

Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art

Ship Island

GM Park

Beauvoir Home

Other things to do in Gulfport:

Gulfport Premium Outlets

Gulf Islands Water Park

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

The Institute of Marine Mammal Studies

A visit to Biloxi, Gulfport, and Ocean Springs is the perfect way to make the most of the famous, scorching, southern heat. I love cool dips and beachside sips.


With All My Love,
The Vintage Gypsy

“What is a Wanderess? Bound by no boundaries, contained by no countries, tamed by no time, she is the force of nature’s course.” ― Roman Payne, The Wanderess

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10 replies on “Mississippi Adventures- Biloxi and Gulfport”

I haven’t visited Mississippi before but as a lover of the great outdoors, it is somewhere I would love to experience. Just love the state’s natural & environmental assets which would be lovely to enjoy.


You know what’s interesting…I have been and lived in so many different states but I’ve never been to Mississippi! It looks like there are many fun things to do there, and I will definitely be adding Biloxi and Gulfport to my list of places to visit.

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Such a pleasant post. To be honest, it felt like we were on a guided tour with you in Mississippi. From pictures to choice of places to description, everything was such a wonderful read. The way you started the post drew us more to read it and we loved it. Follow the heart is the way to be for a wanderer! 🙂 We wonder when will be back in city from Himalayas to try and catch an Iced Blonde Cold Foam Caramel Cappuccino!

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I have never been there…..You have illustrated the place so we’ll through the lovely pics and lucid description that I m sure it’s one of the most beautiful places for a vacation..
Thank you


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