Bucket List Dreams- Historic Saint Francisville

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Saint Francisville is an antique and quaint town which takes you back to a time of Southern Belles and antebellum plantations. Saint Francisville is in The Feliciana’s located along Louisiana’s Old Historic South off US-61. Saint Francisville is highly regarded for its historic plantations and countryside. In Saint Francisville, you can visit one of America’s Most Haunted Houses, The Myrtles, explore one of their many beautiful plantation homes, such as Rosedown, and discover one of the oldest gothic architectural churches in the south, Grace Episcopal. You may also visit one of their many historical sites such as Audubon State, get lost in the timeless beauty of Hemingbough, or be at one with nature at Cat Island National Refuge.

Downtown Historic Saint Francisville is nationally recognized for its significance to history with numerous historic sites and points of interest. Downtown Saint Francisville is located on Main Street and is the perfect place to slow down and enjoy taking in all of the sights of times past. There are charming bed and breakfasts, quaint inns, darling cottages and bungalows, antique storefronts, vintage stores, art galleries, specialty boutique shops, southern dining, and more.

Saint Francisville is home to several beautiful antebellum plantations which date back to the Civil War era. Many of these mansions have been restored while still retaining that old southern charm weaved together with French and Spanish influence. The Myrtles Plantation, Rosedown Plantation, Greenwood Plantation, and Oakley House all date back to the 1800’s.


The Myrtles Plantation is hailed as one of the most haunted places in America. The Myrtles is loved by paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters far and wide. The Myrtles is the perfect place for spinning history and mystery with a telling ghost story that will leave you both dazzled and haunted. The Myrtles is a famed local attraction and offers daily tours of the grounds and home. The property operates as a museum and B&B.


Grace Episcopal Church dates back to 1827 and the Civil War era. This cemetery features an eerie Gothic architecture church, crumbling old tombs, and towering old Spanish Moss trees. Visitors are drawn to the decaying beauty of Grace Episcopal.




The church survived battle shots from Union soldiers and gunboats, and the cemetery is the burial grounds for both Union and Confederate soldiers and masses of townspeople who fell under the flu epidemics and other illness. The Gothic architecture is unbelievable. The scenery is both haunting and breathtaking. Grace Episcopal exudes a quiet, still beauty that deeply resonates.



Hemingbough serves as a place for personal spiritual retreats while enjoying the serenity basking in the warm Lousiana sun. Hemingbough highlights the natural beauty of Saint Francisville. Hemingbough features a Greek amphitheater, manicured gardens, a gazebo overlooking Lake Audubon, a Bed and Breakfast, and eight guest rooms all while majestic peacocks roam freely throughout grounds. Hemingbough is widely famous for weddings, receptions, and other celebrations. The landscaping is quite beautiful and is a lovely place for photoshoots.



Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge features a collection of the most extensive assortment of trees on this side of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Cat Island is perfect for nature walks, bird watching, fishing and more. There are numerous bird varieties including waterfowl such as blue herons and snowy egrets. There is an abundance of wildlife who call this conservation home including crawfish, snakes, turtles, fish and even alligators. Cat Island showcases the immense natural beauty of Louisiana’s wetlands and forestry.


Tunica Hills Wildlife Management Area, or Clark Creek, is overseen by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Tunica Hills offers hiking and biking paths, nature trails, stunning woodlands, and gorgeous waterfalls. Tunica Hills can be accessed through the St. Francisville side or the Mississippi side. There are various flora and fauna sprawled out throughout over 5,000 acres of natural and unrefined Louisiana landscapes. You may also see squirrels, birds, and deer while wandering through the vast natural habitat. The park uses an honor system and also has trail maps placed throughout the park.



Other things to do:

Hiking and Biking Trails

Imahara’s Botanical Gardens

Angola Museum

Afton Villa Gardens

Audubon State Historic Site


Saint Francisville is the perfect destination for history lovers, antique enthusiasts, nature explorers, outdoor adventurers and more. Explore and discover the hidden gem of the south.

All my Love,
The Vintage Gypsy

“I keep going back
as if I’m looking for something I have lost
back to the motherland, sisterland, fatherland
back to the beacon, the breast
the smell and taste of the breeze,
and the singing of the rain.”




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