America’s Most Haunted Plantation- The Myrtles Plantation


Saint Francisville is located along Louisiana’s historic south and is renowned for its gorgeous plantation-style houses, beloved historic district, local inns and B&B’s, and multitude of antique storefronts. Saint Francisville is deemed the jewel of the south. The Myrtle’s Plantation weaves a ghost haunting with old south history so perfectly. The story of The Myrtle’s Plantation is centered around the murder mystery of the homeowners, and the hanging of the infamous house maid, Chloe.


The home dates back to 1796 and was once constructed by General David Bradford. The Myrtles offers self-guided and guided ghost tours where the history of the house is retold in depth. The retelling of the eerie distant past that is The Myrtles Plantation is notorious. The Myrtles has been called America’s Most Haunted House.


Legend tells us that Chloe, the ghost girl, in a jealous fit, began eavesdropping on private conversations in the home and the master ordered her ear to be cut off. Chloe started donning a turban and anger and jealousy later ensued. The lore tells us that a vengeful Chloe poisoned the children’s birthday cake with oleander flowers, and then sorrowfully she aided them and attempted to nurse them back to help. Without meaning to, she used to much poison resulting in the death of the master’s wife and two daughters. The master did not eat the birthday cake, and thus his life was spared. The murder of the family incited fear and outrage among the other slaves who drug Chloe outside and had her hanged.


The Myrtles is fully operational and offers daily tours and doubles as a B&B. It is also a popular place for weddings and bridal parties. The Myrtles has 8 rooms and a set of cottages for guests far and wide to brave through the night. They also have a restaurant on the grounds.


At first glance, the Myrtles is but a beautiful old plantation overflowing with southern charm. In actuality, The Myrtles tops the Smithsonian’s list of the most haunted places in the world and is listed on the National Historic Register.


The Myrtles property has also been featured on many ghost adventure exploration and travel shows, and most notably on The National Geographic Channel, The Discovery Channel, and The Travel Channel. 


The Myrtles is relatively untouched, and still has the old carriage house quarters, and the former slave quarters on the property. In keeping with Southern tradition and preservation, many remain primarily in their natural state.



The south has an abundance of haunted homes, but the allure of The Myrtles entices folks far and wide. Ghost enthusiasts come hungry to the myrtles in the hopes of having a supernatural experience and catching a glimpse of the house ghosts and the ghost girl herself, Chloe. The level of mystery and intrigue the Myrtles elicits is paramount.


I’ve been here several times and each time I’m still impressed. I always find amazing things to explore and photograph. I still see new things I hadn’t noticed before, and I again am drawn to the fascinating stories and history of The Myrtle’s. The grounds are always lovely and clean, and it is a superb place for visits, lunch, and relaxation.


The views off the verandah and wraparound porch are quite exceptional. There is also beautiful moss trees, enchanting flower gardens, an oasis pond, arched gazebo, and sinister angelic statues.


When planning your trip to Saint Francisville, I’d also recommend you visit the gorgeous gothic architectural marvel of Grace Episcopal Church. And if you enjoy the great outdoors check out Clark Creek Natural Waterfalls for hiking and viewing waterfalls. Also, Cat Island Natural Wildlife Refuge is a sportsman’s paradise.

In closing, the quaint and sleepy town of Saint Francisville is a must visit with their 7 stunning plantation homes, incredible antique storefronts, mouthwatering local Cajun eateries, charming bungalows and Beds and Breakfasts, and of course, the world-famous and insanely haunted, Myrtles Plantation!

And my bucket list dreams just keep coming true!

With All My Love,
The Vintage Gypsy


Time and Eternity
This world is not conclusion;
A sequel stands beyond,
Invisible, as music,
But positive, as sound.

-Emily Dickinson





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26 replies on “America’s Most Haunted Plantation- The Myrtles Plantation”

I don’t think I’ll be able to stay in this place after hearing the back story, because I am really scared of haunted house. But I admire you for being able to visit and come back at this place. The pictures of the place are great by the way.

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Your writing great was very detailed I must say and the pictures are amazing and really showcases the scenery. However I wouldn’t make it a day in this place because I am scared of ghosts and haunted things etc. But I admired that you visited this place that takes alot of confidence.


Myrtle Plantation looks gorgeous!
I’m not surprised you’ve been there a few times. It looks like a great place to check out in the day time. Not staying over night. No ghosts for me. 🙂

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These is adventure and eerie sense when visiting any place which has been labelled haunted. Reading this post was giving me an association of ghost movies such as Conjuring. We also got reminded of visiting a haunted jail in Penang, Malaysia. The whole experience was eerie and the spookiest thing was when we recorded a video in one of the caves. After coming out, when we tried to see it, the recording did not get saved or did not record.. we will never be sure!


What a story that was! I’ve never been here before. I love places that take you back in time. If you don’t pay attention to it being one of the most haunted places in America, you’d think this is one of the most serene and relaxing places to visit!

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The Plantation looks absolutely beautiful. The ghost story is a little scary though, not sure if I would stay the night there although it would be an exquisite place to visit


Oh I know America loves mysterious things like that! Don’t know I always have ambivalent thought about it. Great pictures though!


I have never been there but I feel that Myrtle Plantation is a place to visit. I love such places with a history, as they seem to be very atmospheric. And your photos are really awesome!


From your photos The Myrtles Plantation looks amazing, but the idea that it is haunted just creeps me out. i would probably visit the place during the day but I would never sleep there.


So this plantation is now an attraction amd owned by the state? It is gorgeous and seems the land per see is good. If the state is willing, they could make this much better.


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