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Bucket List Dreams- Jacksonville Beach

Explore: Jacksonville, FL

Florida is renowned for its gorgeous topography and immaculate seashores. The natural beauty of the vast Atlantic Ocean is unparalleled. The beaches in Jacksonville certainly speaks to this testament. Jacksonville offers three beautiful primary beaches: Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Neptune Beach.

Admittedly, I am always beckoned to the water. I am home when I am by the ocean; I definitely have a Pisces heart. I love questing for beauty across all of the North and South Florida beaches.

Downtown Jacksonville

Downtown Jacksonville is an interesting and beautiful place to visit. Jacksonville is a mecca for glorious old architecture. The downtown skyscrapers and national historical sites are reminiscent of times past.

Additionally, many of these esteemed buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The famous structures and landmarks in downtown Jacksonville are architectural marvels. The Jacksonville bridges are also a spectacle. They are colorful and captivating in their own right.

Downtown Jacksonville is also celebrated for its art scene and streetscapes.  There are many intriguing pieces down alleyways and on the sides of old buildings.

I am always questing for art which is aesthetically pleasing. I love studying pieces that have been created with intricate detail varied juxtaposition. I continually search out immersive art because I am drawn to understanding the artists’ story or muse.



The Jacksonville Landing

The Jacksonville Landing was on my to-see to-do list when visiting the Jacksonville area. The Jacksonville Landing lies along the St. Johns River in Downtown Jacksonville. The scenery of the Riverwalk, St. Johns River and Main Street Bridge are dazzling.

The Jacksonville Landing is both a shopping outlet and indoor mall. The landing is quite perfect for a day visit or evening out. There are various dining, shopping, and attractions.



Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach is great for outdoor water sports adventuring days or relaxing days soaking up the sun lounging on the warm white sand. There is along the shore and many stores for beach shopping. Jacksonville Beach is nice and clean; my family and I had great fun walking along the shore and splashing in sparkling waters at the beach. I did notice they had a number of ants so watch those precious toes of yours.


Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach is a stunning beach complete with a boardwalk. It appears that Jacksonville, Neptune, and Atlantic Beach all seem to run into one another and share boardwalks. I personally like the all-inclusive aspect of having waterfront dining, shopping along the beach for convenience purposes.

The sand here is sugary white and the water was kind of cool to the touch. Atlantic Beach is a waking dream. I found a ton of gorgeous white fossilized seashells. I also hunted for colorful seashells which are rarer. Some of the seashells had living organisms in them and others were fossils. The shells at Atlantic beach are so perfect that I entertained the idea that some of those shells had to be bought and delicately placed right there on the beach.





Neptune Beach

Neptune Beach is absolutely stunning. Neptune Beach is reminiscent of an island oasis. The sand is soft and powder white and the water was cool, but not freezing. The Neptune Beach area includes more shops and restaurants. I definitely can appreciate this factor especially when you’re looking for an all-inclusive style experience. Also, if you’re into photography this beach photographs like a dream.



Starbucks Neptune Beach

I always swing by Starbucks for iced teas and coffees in between beach hopping. This is the first Starbucks location I’ve been to where you can order outside from a walk-up window. I love this factor especially since we were all sandy and wet from the beach. The patio furniture had ample and plush outdoor seating large enough for multiple small groups.

My party and I ordered the Pink Drinks in addition to Java Chip frappuccinos. Did I mention the walk-up window because I can certainly dig that? Happy sipping, folks!



Florida is truly a sanctuary to many walks of life. The central theme is to co-exist as one with nature, humans, animals and all marine life. Remember, leave only your footprints!

I certainly believe Jacksonville is worth your visit. And I look forward to returning to further explore this interesting and beautiful city. Until next time!

And my bucket list dreams just keep coming true!

With All My Love,
The Vintage Gypsy

“How does the sea remember me. every time.” –Nayyirah Waheed

4 replies on “Bucket List Dreams- Jacksonville Beach”

Such a beautiful message… to tread softly in nature, with the hope that eventually our tracks are covered by sand when we too become dust. Lovely blog my friend – this time, every time! ❤

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Neptune Beach sounds amazing. I love seeing all the touristed stuff at the beach. There’s always something that is absolutely beautiful and natural. And a beach with Starbucks right there? Sign me up. 🙂 I love the art and all the pictures. I feel like it’s time for a beach vacation.


Wow..really that’s my dream. As I am reading your blog I really want to go now from the first flight I got but unfortunately I can’t. World is so beautiful we can see it the pictures travel bloggers shared. Thanks for such a nice post.


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