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1886 Crescent Hotel- America’s Most Haunted Hotel

1886 Crescent Hotel -America’s Most Haunted Hotel

The beautiful Victorian historic Ozark mountaintop resort, 1886 Crescent Hotel.



The Crescent Hotel  is hailed as Americas’s Most Haunted Hotel 

The Victorian village of Eureka Springs sits hilltop overlooking the beautiful Ozark mountains. Eureka Springs is famed for their Hot Springs and Historic Bathhouse District. The 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa has a rich history and deep roots to Eureka.

The 1886 Crescent Hotel is a beautiful old Victorian historic mountaintop hotel set against the beautiful Victorian village of Eureka Springs. With one look you can picture a time of dames and dapper gentlemen riding carriages in the Victorian period. With another glance you can understand the stories of paranormal sightings of Dr. Norman Baker, his nurse, and the patients who checked in and never checked out. Guests report seeing ghostly apparitions from the Victorian era dancing in the grand Crystal ballroom.



In 1886 The Crescent Hotel operated as a resort Carriage Set during the Victorian era. The hotel catered to distingished travelers who were visiting Eureka Springs in search of the healing waters in the Ozark mountains. The Crescent Hotel offered guests luxury accommodations, including carriage rides and access to the 100 horses and stables! Over time the hotel would close its doors to guests.

In 1908, The Crescent Hotel emerged as The Crescent College and Conservatory for Young Women. The students attending this prestigious college would learn the arts of being a well-versed young lady. The Women’s College would later become a Junior College. The hotel eventually closed again.

In 1937, The Crescent Hotel was turned into a health reort and cancer hospital. The quirky Dr. Norman Baker had patients believe he was curing them from a multitude of ailments. The guests poured into Bakers Hospital without realizing the good doctor was in fact a fraud making nothing more than potions and concoctions. He pleged to his sick patients that with the healing waters and his magical potions he could cure all.

Dr. Baker was an eccentric man and he loved the color purple. Its said that he would parade around in purple threads, drive a purple car and painted hospital wings purple.  It was later found out that Dr. Norman Baker had never attened medical school a day in his life. The good doctor  was eventually arrested and once again the hotel would close. Many guests died here at the hands of Dr. Baker, and his morgue remains. The eerie hospital was later converted back to a hotel.

In 1946, The Crescent Hotel regained its vitality and opened its doors once again to welcome new guests. The hotel still operates today as a luxurious resort catering to eager folks from all over. The Crescent Hotel offers guests a unique and memorable experience that they will share with generations to come. The hotel is a hub for history lovers, paranormal investigators and more!


Dr. Norman Baker, is seen wearing purple in the basement.

Dr. Bakers nurse, is seen wearing all white pushing a hospital gurney in the hallway.

Michael, The Irishman craftsman who helped build the hotel, and later fell from room 218, which is one of the most active rooms.

Theodora, one of the cancer patients of Dr. Baker who is searching for her room key.

And many more!

You can go on the supernatural Spirit of the Crescent tour. There are nightly ghost tours at The Crescent Hotel and they also hold seances. Guests report feeling, hearing and seeing ghostly apparitions in their rooms and in the hallways. This hotel has been filmed for many supernatural shows.

We are staying at the most haunted hotel in America tonight! Guests check in and some don’t check out!



Upon arrival I didn’t know what to expect. I knew this would be an adventure that is both exciting and terrifying. The hotel is spooky looking and checking in at 3 am doesn’t do much to settle the nerves. The lobby of the hotel has an older look to it and you can certainly tell the period in which this hotel was constructed. I got my keys and went up to room 330. I had previously asked to please not put me in a room that was notorious for ghost activity. I love that the keys are real keys.

I love how everything here stays true to character and nothing is modern. I noticed a big cat sleeping on the bellman’s luggage cart and I thought this to be strange especially in the middle of night. There were several little idiosyncrasies that I just knew I was in a ghostly place.  I took the old elevator up and I was looking around nervous yet curious. I was apprehensive but ready to have a paranormal experience and see these spirits.



It’s 3 am and we are officially checked into America’s Most Haunted Hotel!

My room was very vintage and retro. The walls were red. I loved the antiques. I was apprehensive to fall asleep. The room was peculiar. Everything was beautiful, and terrifying. My night was thrilling. I tossed and turned wondering how close to my bed would the spirits stand. Sleep continued to elude me. I don’t know when my eyes closed or when they opened. I wasn’t sure what exactly happened. I just knew it was morning.

I rolled out of bed to go for a walk. The gardens are inspiring. I had breakfast in the Grand Crystal Ballroom. I had a full day of adventuring ahead. I’ll never forget my time at the The 1886 Crescent Hotel. Those kind of experiences just stay with you. Who doesn’t want to ghost hunt in an old 130 year-old elegant Victorian hotel?




I got to stay at the most haunted hotel in America. I made it through the night. You know they said the guests check in and they don’t check out! You can really appreciate this hotel for the beauty and for the history. I love the charm and grandeur of stepping into times past. Whisk away.

With All My Love,
The Vintage Gypsy

“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary.”- Edgar Allen Poe

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Nope! Not for me. Beautiful pictures! It really does look vintage and has an amazing history but one word about ghosts and I’m out.

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