Bucket List Dreams- Beautiful Utah

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Utah: Bucket List Dreams and Road Trip Adventures


Utah has so many wanderlust worthy locations that will absolutely take your breath away. I began my trip going through Tremento, Salt Lake City, Price and Monticello. The natural beauty of Utah sweeps across the rolling hills and sky-high mountains. The Rockies are vast and majestic. Our girls trip was in full swing, and took us through the Rocky mountains, en route to Colorado, blaring the musical, Moulin Rouge.




We went through Downtown Salt Lake and it is vibrant and bustling. You must see the stunning LDS Mormon Temple dating back to 1853! The Salt Lake Temple took 40 years to construct this massive structure. The high spheres and Gothic architecture is nothing less than awe-inspiring. Downtown Salt Lake offers great views with its phenominal skyline over the city. While the state capital of Utah is impressive, it’s the countryside of Utah that is undoubtedly captivating.



Utah offers many outdoor activities and points of interest. Utah is known for its outdoor activities and gorgeous mountainous landscapes. In Utah you can visit many national monuments, forests and parks including the world-class, Zion National Park. In Utah there are a multitude of state parks, ski resorts and outdoor water adventures. You can also hike, rock climb, mountain bike and so much more.



Utah is known for their The Great Outdoors with its iconic redrock canyons, incredible jagged cliffs and picturesque snowy mountains. Utah is grand and magnificent; I am completely floored! From towering skyscrapers to towering mountains Utah has it all! The natural beauty of Utah’s backcountry is utterly remarkable! Don’t close your eyes in this beautiful state!


And my bucket list dreams just keep coming true!


With All My Love,

The Vintage Gypsy


“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”- Kahlil Gibran








12 Replies to “Bucket List Dreams- Beautiful Utah”

  1. I have never visited Utah. It is GORGEOUS! It’s good to see people checking things off of their bucket lists. This past week my two year old daughter, my mom, and I went up to the top of the gateway arch in St. Louis.

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  2. We are headed to Utah later this summer. I have been through salt lake area a few times. This year we want to see Zion and Bryce Canyon.


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