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Bucket List Adventures- Sweet Boise

Boise, Idaho- From farmlands to snow-capped mountains of the Pacific Northwest


The beauty of the Pacific Northwest is both striking and unparalleled. I’ve learned that some days it is good to just drive and see where you end up. I love crossing a new state line and seeing new landscapes. There is something about the newness that always seem to surprise and enthrall me. My trip took me through Fruitland, New Plymouth, Twin Falls, Juniper and Boise.


Idaho is a big playground for the great outdoors. Idaho has a vast landscape from plains and flatlands to rolling hills and snow-tipped mountains. Idaho offers hot springs, ski resorts, sand dunes, water falls, hiking and more! In Boise you are centered at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains!


There is just something about breathing in the air of a new place. The air is sweeter, clearer, lighter. I live for escapes and getaways, and I love to explore and discover new surroundings and culture. It’s like a new place provides fresh air-  a restart, a recharge. I am always thankful when wanderlusting for the little synchronicities that encourage me to slow down so I can fully see all of the beauty and wonder before me. Enjoy your slow-down, too.


With All My Love,

The Vintage Gypsy

“Every day you play with the light of the universe.” -Pablo Neruda

By thevintagegypsygirl

Wanderess. Poetess. Muse. Photographer. Creative Direction.
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6 replies on “Bucket List Adventures- Sweet Boise”

What a beautiful spot! I visited Boise when I was younger, but I would love to go back and explore with my children when they’re a bit older. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.

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I would love to see the Rocky Mountains. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Looks like a great place to slow down and enjoy nature. Sometimes it just nice to explore.

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