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Bucket List Dreams- Petroglyph National Monument

Chasing national parks and monuments!

Petroglyph National Monument – Albuquerque, NM

Petroglyph National Monument is on sacred Native American lands and formed on ancient volcanic rocks. Many Native American tribes settled in these areas including Apache, Navajo, and the Puebloans, who have all contributed to creating art and sharing stories on these petroglyphs. Spanish settlers also have placed their marks here and created drawings and symbols on the petroglyphs in this sacred space. There is a vibrant and deep native culture here.




While visiting Boca Negra Canyon, there is a multitude of symbols carved onto the archeological sites. The volcanic rocks had many drawings including figures of people, animals, and ceremonial and religious symbols carvings. The landscape here is considered holy ground to Native American tribes.



I explored Boca Negra Canyon, and it had many petroglyphs leading all the way up to the top of the canyon. The views of all of the petroglyphs while hiking and climbing rocks to the top were remarkable. The Sacred Native American landscapes and ancient Native American art at Petroglyph National Monument is indeed a special place, and it’s worth being appreciated.





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16 replies on “Bucket List Dreams- Petroglyph National Monument”

I love New Mexico! It has such a unique landscape and a rich native american history! I would love to visit Petroglyph National Monument, thanks for sharing your experience…beautiful pictures!

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I had heard of this park before, but the desert really isn’t my thing. I don’t do well in heat and well… I have this huge fear of snakes – and we both know there are plenty of snakes in the desert. That being said, the cacti lend a bit of beauty to the dry desolate land.


A beautiful and wonderful place full of scenic beauty and history. I have never heard of this place. I share it with my uncle who lives nears by. He might like this place.


One thing I’d love to do is visit Native American land. I have a colleague who did a mission there years ago and he explained that it was a whole different country. I believe he was in Nevada. I learnt quite a bit from his stories but I want to visit, if only for a day. Maybe New Mexico as I hear its lovely but the heat!! Sheesh!


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